Quartz Caps


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Available Quartz Cap Parts:

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(PN: A40011) Quartz Cap with Ring, Clear Blue
(PN: A40178) Quartz Cap with Ring, Black
(PN: A40042) Quartz Cap for SL Units, White
(PN: A40139) Quartz Cap, for 2”, 3” Viper Units, White
(PN: A40142) Quartz Cap for 4” and above Viper Units, Grey
(PN: A40115) Clear Quartz Cap for Stainless Steel Units, Stainless Steel Viper, Plastic Viper with Wiper
(PN: A40149) Clear Quartz Bottom Cap for Stainless Steel Units
(PN: A40150) Quartz Cap, Top Ozone
(PN: A40151) Quartz Cap, Bottom Ozone
(PN: A40001) Quartz Threaded Plug 2” Old Style Units Only
(PN: A40119) Quartz Cap, Lamp Guide Ring

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