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Aquatic Filtration for Fish Hatcheries

Water is an integral aspect of fish farming, and it’s crucial for improving your aquaculture harvests. Just like our bodies need it to function and grow, aquatic life depends on water to survive. However, water scarcity is a significant challenge in aquaculture, so it’s crucial to have superior filtration to ensure sustainability. At Aqua Ultraviolet, we offer high-performing aquatic filtration systems to help fish hatcheries and other aquatic rearing facilities monitor their water quality.

How Can an Aquaculture Filtration System Help?

Aquacultural projects utilize large tanks to produce and raise their animals. Water is recirculated in these tanks when there is an insufficient water supply or a need to minimize water replacement to maintain water quality standards. A fish farm filtration system helps remove harmful particles and substances to ensure your water is clean and free of animal waste. There are two types of aquaculture filtration systems – mechanical and biological filtration systems.

Mechanical Filtration System vs. Biological Filtration System

Mechanical filtration involves the physical separation and elimination of solid waste from water. While this method leaves the water looking crystal clear, there is a good chance harmful, invisible substances such as ammonia dissolved in the water won’t go away. On the other hand, biological filtration entails using beneficial nitrifying bacteria to purify the water and enhance its integrity. When it comes to purifying aquatic water, both solid waste and toxic elements must be removed and decomposed to ensure a healthy habitat for aquatic life. Aqua Ultraviolet filtration systems are popularly common in; ● Fish Hatcheries ● Aquariums ● Rehabilitation and incubation facilities ● Depuration centers

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