The Power of Purification: How Drinking Water Filters Improve Your Well-Being

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Water is life, but is purified water good for you?

There’s a lot of emphasis on drinking enough water but not on what kind is best or safest to drink. Depending on where you live and how your tap water is sourced, the water could damage your health.

Some argue that tap water preserves the natural minerals that purified water tends to eliminate. Others say that tap water has pollutants that might harm your health in the long term. Is tap water healthy, or is purified water healthy? This article will investigate the differences between tap and purified water and which is best.

Why Purified Water Matters

Is purified water healthy? Water containing microbiological pathogens and chemicals can be harmful to your overall health.

Water purification systems, such as charcoal filters, significantly enhance water quality. They do this by removing chlorine, which is often added to the public water supply as a disinfectant to keep it safe for consumption.

On the other hand, tap water, despite undergoing treatment, can still contain a wide array of harmful contaminants, such as arsenic, lead, copper, coliform, pesticides, and herbicides. These harmful substances can damage the liver and digestive system. Both lead and copper are toxic, and your house pipes could contaminate the tap water. Studies have found that continued lead consumption can cause liver and brain damage.

Is Purified Water Good for You?

Many wonder, “Is purified water good for you?” The answer is yes. No scientific research has found any unsafe or negative health implications to drinking purified water.

Purified water is processed and filtered to remove chemicals or other impurities in your local water source. Filtered chemicals include chlorine, bacteria, algae, parasites, metals (copper and lead), etc.

But is purified water healthy or not? Despite skepticism — “Is filtered water healthy?” — there are many benefits to drinking purified water.

First, it saves you from all the impurities, chemical pathogens, and metallic particles in tap water. By removing these harmful substances, your drinking water is instantly better for your body, saving you from the impacts of long-term exposure.

Second, additional benefits can be gained from drinking purified water. For example, drinking plenty of purified water can encourage muscle and bone health. It helps you stay well-hydrated, which can substantially lower your risk of experiencing muscle cramps and injuries. Additionally, purified water is crucial in keeping your joints lubricated. Drinking purified water has also been shown to give people healthier skin. Because purified water can travel easily within the body, the epidermis is more hydrated, resulting in glowing and shinier skin.

Lastly, drinking purified water can boost your metabolism. It can even reduce your calorie intake (because filtered water has zero calories compared to tap water).

The Life Plus Water Filter and Purifier System

We know purified water is healthy, but how do we get it? Most filtration systems focus on filtering one specific aspect of the water while ignoring either the taste or mineral competency of the water. As a result, you might miss out on all the goodness that water can have.

The Aqua Ultraviolet Life Plus water filter and purifier is a meticulous water filtration system that works on three layers to ensure your water is chemical-free, safe, and delicious.

Stage 1 filtration uses a sediment filter for particles like dirt, rust, sediments, harmful pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.

Stage 2 filtration uses a carbon filter to remove bad smells and odors from drinking water. It removes organic compounds, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, radon, and chemicals.

Lastly, Stage 3 uses a fluoride filter. Just like inadequate fluoride consumption can hurt you, excessive fluoride consumption can have adverse health effects. This fluoride filter rids your water of harmful elements such as bacteria, mold spores, algae, protozoa, viruses, yeast, cysts, and fungi — all to make the water clean and healthy.

Get your Aqua Ultraviolet Life Plus today and ensure a safer and cleaner water supply!

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