Preventing Fish Diseases from Transferring to Aquarium Owners

Most home aquarium owners don’t realize the risks of fish tank diseases in humans. Sometimes, hobbyists prioritize fish health but overlook aquarium safety, which increases the risk of infections during tank maintenance.

Fish bacterial infection in humans is hazardous to one’s health. Infections like fish tuberculosis in humans require surgery and extensive antibiotic treatment. That’s why taking precautions is the best approach to give you peace of mind while keeping the fish unharmed.

In this article, we’ll explore the dangers of fish disease and how UV filters disinfect the water without harming the fish. Keep reading to discover factors every fish hobbyist must know.

Dangers Of Fish Diseases Transferrable To Humans

Mycobacteriosis (MB) or generally known as Fish TB, is the number one aquarium fish chronic disease. While the causes remain unknown, this infection is the reason for 50% of fish deaths. Most hobbyists cannot identify it because infected fishes don’t show consistent or definable symptoms.

MB (Mycobacterium marinum) can compromise a fish’s immune system, making them susceptible to various diseases. If you’ve recently bought an MB-infected fish, it may stop eating and eventually die within weeks or months. This outbreak can happen in scientific labs, zoos, fish farms, or aquatic environments.

The risks of infections are present with all kinds, from tank raised to wild-caught fish. Seasoned fish keepers often fail to realize that this infection can cause years of pain, and produce costly medical bills.

What To Do If You See Fish TB Signs?

Stay vigilant for MB infections. If you notice unhealing sores on your hands or arms despite your fish appearing normal, consult a doctor or an aquatic veterinarian immediately. Also, following these steps is crucial:

A fish in an aquarium with a white sore on its back


  • Isolate infected fish: Transfer fish with Fish TB symptoms to a separate quarantine tank.
  • Observe and document symptoms: Take note of visible signs like weight loss, ulcers, or unusual growths.
  • Consult a veterinarian: Seek guidance and diagnostic tests from an aquatic animal health professional.
  • Test and treat: Perform bacterial cultures to identify the TB strain and determine the appropriate treatment.
  • Follow hygiene practices: Prevent transmission to humans through gloves, handwashing, and wound avoidance.
  • Disinfect equipment and tanks: Clean contaminated items with suitable disinfectants.
  • Consider euthanasia: If treatment isn’t feasible or poses risks, consult a vet for humane options.

Proper fish care reduces the likelihood of MB presence in tanks. So, consider obtaining healthy fish directly from breeders or auctions or raising fish from eggs to minimize fish TB risks.

How A UV Sterilizer Can Help Prevent The Danger

If harmful bacteria corrupts your fish tank, you can take a few steps to remove these harmful bacteria from your aquarium. Dealing with bacterial contamination in your fish tank requires caution to avoid harming the fish. Conventional disinfection methods can be ineffective against chemical-resistant bacteria, such as environmental mycobacteria (EM), further increasing the risk. UV light filtration systems are a safer alternative that helps keep your fish safe and helps protect you against unwanted diseases and harmful bacteria. 

Aqua Ultraviolet pioneered UV technology in the Pond/Aquarium industry over 35 years ago, and we are still transforming the industry today. UV sterilizers are highly effective in preventing fish deaths in tanks. You can protect your fish and maintain a healthy tank environment with UV sterilizers. These filters are crucial when introducing new fish, as they effectively decrease environmental mycobacteria, reducing the risk of EM pathogen infections. By eliminating harmful microorganisms, UV lights protect your fish from tank debris, biofilms, and infected counterparts.

Aqua Ultraviolet manufactures cutting-edge UV sterilizers that disinfect water with the highest accuracy. Our reliable and affordable UV sterilizers ensure a healthy environment for your fish tank, eliminating harmful pathogens while maintaining the well-being of your aquatic pets.

To stay safe from fish tb and ensure proper fish tank safety, discover Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV Filter collections for both commercial and residential aquariums.

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