Aquarium 101: Keeping Your Tank, Fish, and Landscaping Clean

If you’re here because time has gotten away from you, and now you’re stuck with a dirty tank, you’re not alone! Lots of aquarium owners scour the internet to learn how to clean a fish tank the right way, and we want to help you by setting the record straight. There are a lot of methods that can be detrimental to the health of your aquatic friends, and our goal is to help you protect your investment and keep a safe, clean tank. Here, we’ll cover how to clean fish tank gravel, how to clean fish tank decorations, and how to prevent algae growth so that you don’t have to work so hard when it’s once again time to clean the tank.

How to Clean a Fish Tank


To solve the case of the dirty fish tank, the first step is to start with the sides. You’ll want to unplug your filter heater and scrub the glass sides of your tank to remove any buildup of scum and algae. You might want to use a plastic scraper or shower squeegee to get the tough stuff loose. Avoid using any soaps or chemicals such as bleach or even vinegar, as these can negatively impact the pH levels and harm your tank’s ecosystem (and ultimately, your fish!). It’s recommended to complete this step first, as any debris that falls will be picked up once you clean the gravel.

How to Clean Fish Tank Gravel


Next, it’s time to clean the gravel. If you don’t know how to clean fish tank gravel, don’t sweat it — one of the best methods is to use a gravel vacuum. These work by sucking up the gravel and thereby removing any debris and algae, while a filter prevents the gravel itself from actually getting sucked up. Avoid using bleach or vinegar at all costs, as mentioned above, and be sure that you don’t remove any more than 50 percent of the water in your tank.

How to Clean Fish Tank Decorations


This is a pretty straightforward process; simply remove any synthetic decorations that you have and scrub them with a toothbrush under hot water (Note: use a toothbrush, not your toothbrush). Again, avoid using anything besides hot water to minimize any pH disturbance. The goal is to remove any algae that are growing on your decorations and creating an unsightly appearance.

How to Prevent Bacteria and Algae from Dirtying Your Tank


So, now that we’ve covered how to clean a fish tank, as well as how to clean fish tank decorations and gravel, it’s time to cover the best way to reduce the amount of maintenance required in the first place. The easiest way to prevent algae growth inside your tank is to use an ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer, such as the Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage Series. This durable UV filter is built for long-lasting use and will eliminate, nay, obliterate any unwanted contaminants in your tank water. Algae, bacteria, viruses, fungi, pathogens, and other microorganisms don’t stand a chance against the power of UV light, which disrupts their DNA and sterilizes them for good. If you’re tired of routine cleaning, the Advantage Series UV sterilizer will provide much needed assistance at an affordable price.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet?


Water is the essence of life, and all living things depend on it. As such, we’ve made it our business to provide options for sterilizing water used for drinking, aquariums, swimming, irrigation, and more. Order an Advantage Series UV sterilizer for your fish tank today, and you’ll have safe, clean water for years to come.

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