The Importance of Clean Water in the Restaurant Industry

Does your restaurant serve filtered water? Many guests prefer water to be served to their tables even if they’re choosing another beverage from the menu, but consumers are starting to consider the safety and cleanliness of water served at restaurants more than ever before. For many restauranteurs, offering free tap water is standard, but the use of restaurant water filters may not be something you find in common with every commercial kitchen. Should it be?

Why Is It So Important to Serve Filtered Water?


It might not seem like much of a big deal — you might be thinking that the water in your area is just fine as-is, but using a restaurant water filtration system is good practice for any restaurant. Water quality has always been a topic of conversation, and perhaps more so in recent years as many consumers take additional caution when choosing what to put into their bodies. By installing a commercial water filter for restaurant applications, you’re making a commitment to all guests that you value their health and wish for their visit to be an entirely positive experience. Not only will you be ensuring their safety, but it will boost your reputation amongst guests who prioritize clean water — which is great for business.

Should You Use Restaurant Water Filters or Bottled Water?


Purified Bottled Water


Bottled water may seem like the more economic choice given that you can sell it to your customers for an additional price, but just like some bottled water, this can leave a bad taste in their mouths. There is a significant amount of single-use plastic associated with bottled water, which many consumers are opting to steer away from in an effort to lower their environmental impact and make more sustainable choices. In other words, what may seem like a cost-saving now could potentially hurt your business later.

Restaurant Water Filtration System


Restaurant water filters installed in-house provide a neverending supply of clean, filtered water without the plastic, and are worth bragging about to your guests. These systems may use a series of filters to remove harmful contaminants from municipal water and provide a result that you can truly taste. Offering this option to your guests shows them your commitment to increased sustainability and works to boost their overall guest experience.

Aqua Ultraviolet’s Commercial Water Filter for Restaurant Use


Aqua UV’s Life Plus Water Filter System uses a 3-stage setup consisting of a sediment filter, carbon filter, and fluoride filter to remove sediment, rust, pathogens, viruses, harmful bacteria, chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, odors, algae, yeast, fungi, mold spores, and lots more. Plus, it contains an ultraviolet (UV) bulb that water flows past to bolster filtration for the ultimate in clean, pristine drinking water. UV light destroys harmful bacteria, viruses, diseases, and other contaminants in the water by altering their DNA, rendering them docile and harmless — something that bottled water simply cannot offer.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet for Restaurant Water Filters?


Installing a restaurant water filtration system will improve your guest experience and ensure that you are serving safe, clean water, and that’s our goal at Aqua Ultraviolet. We’re obsessed with clean water and believe that because water is responsible for all life, it should be prioritized and protected. Our commercial water filter for restaurant applications can help your business take that extra precaution and enjoy the benefits of UV-filtered water. Order a Life Plus Water Filter System for your restaurant today from Aqua Ultraviolet.

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