The Best Ways to Keep Your Tank Clear of Algae

Most of the time when you hear the word “algae” it’s in a relatively negative context. Some might picture greenish swimming pools or swamps, while others shudder at the slimy consistency when it grows in unwanted areas, such as fish tanks. But before we dive into how to get rid of algae in fish tank setups, as well as how to prevent algae in fish tank setups to begin with, let’s first look at what algae actually is — then we’ll discover how to properly care for your aquatic friends.

What is Algae?

The slimy green stuff we call algae is actually a blanket term for any aquatic organisms that are capable of performing photosynthesis. Essentially, they are plants — minus the typical identifiers such as flowers, leaves, stems, or root systems. Algae can be found at home in your freshwater fish tank or swimming pool, as well as in saltwater bodies (including saltwater tanks). Like all plants that photosynthesize, algae contain chlorophyll a (primary pigment), and green algae contain chlorophyll b (accessory pigment). That said, is it bad for your aquatic pets?

Is Algae Bad for Your Fish?

Yes and no. Algae can be good for the ecosystem that exists inside your fish tank, offering itself as a viable and important food source for numerous types of fish and invertebrates. But like many things in life, too much green stuff can be detrimental — which leads many aquarium owners to search for how to get rid of algae in fish tank environments. There are also some types of algae that can be poisonous to fish (as well as humans and animals), such as the blue-green Anabaena and Microcystis.

How to Prevent Algae in Fish Tanks

Reduce the amount of light exposure

The sun’s rays will enhance the growth of algae, so keep your tank out of direct sunlight. Ensure that any artificial lights aren’t too bright, and use a timer to restrict access to 8-10 hours each day.

Filter and sterilize your water

Using a screen filter can help to scoop up unwanted algae, and you can pair this with a UV water sterilizer to eliminate algae growth as well as other harmful pathogens and microorganisms from your fish tank water.

How to Get Rid of Algae in Fish Tank

Clean your tank thoroughly

Algae will collect on the walls of your tank as well as on any rocks, gravel, or decorative furnishings. Scrubbing all of the above will get rid of any unwanted algae build-up and enable you to reset and then use the above methods to aid in prevention.

Change your tank water regularly

Changing 10-15 percent of the water in your fish tank each week will not only get rid of some of the algae but also prevent it from becoming an issue.

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