Keep Clean, Running Water for Your Guests with Hotel Water Treatment

As a seasoned hotelier, you know that any small effort to improve your guests’ experience is a worthy investment. Yet, the concept of improved water quality is an important amenity that is often overlooked by many a hotel owner or manager. Why is this? And perhaps more importantly, what can you do to set yourself apart and commit to offering better quality water for your guests? Hotel water treatment may not be the first thing on your mind when planning facility maintenance or repairs, but doing so could give you an edge over your competition — because, let’s face it; everyone has free WiFi these days.

Is Hospitality Water Treatment Necessary if You Provide Bottled Water?

Hotels almost always provide bottled water for their guests, but it’s rarely included in the room rate. Those that offer fancy glass bottles of spring water often earn higher regard than those who place a $3 price tag on a generic crinkly bottle, but is this enough? Hospitality water treatment goes beyond these twistable bottles and provides higher quality water throughout. Using ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers, you can sanitize the water for your entire facility so that your guests can drink straight from the tap without worry (well…ideally you’ll still provide them with cups or glasses).

It isn’t just tap water that your guests are concerned with, either. If your hotel offers a restaurant, the water used in cooking activities is of the utmost importance. Sterilizing water destined for food preparation or cooking will not only improve the quality of your offering, but it will entice guests to stay at your hotel. Clean is good, average is…just average.

What About Showers, Pools, and Spas? Is Hotel Water Treatment Really Necessary?

When it comes to enjoying the full hotel experience, showers, baths, pools, spas, and sinks are all the same. Guests want cleanliness above all else, and sterilizing your facility’s water right at the source can ensure that all guests are able to use clean, bacteria-free water regardless of the aquatic action they’re engaging in. Even in areas with reputably “good” water, UV sterilization offers additional peace of mind along with physical benefits.

How Does UV Light Work to Improve Hospitality Water Treatment Initiatives?

Installing a UV sterilizer to aid in your hotel water treatment system can help to prevent harmful bacteria, viruses, diseases, and other contaminants from flowing within your building.

  • UV-sterilized water requires fewer chemicals. Chlorine is one of the top chemicals used to sterilize microorganisms in water, yet it can be harmful when too much is used. A UV filter or sterilizer eliminates bacteria and microorganisms so that less chlorine is needed. 
  • UV-sterilized water is safe from pathogens. You don’t want your guests to get sick on your watch! A UV sterilizer kills and destroys pathogens, viruses, and other contaminants and leaves your water fresh and clean for your guests. 
  • UV-sterilized water can help to keep hotel pools and spas clean. If your facility offers a pool or spa, a UV filter or sterilizer will help you keep up with water cleanliness regardless of how dirty your guests are. 

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet for Hospitality Water Treatment?

Your facility may already have hotel water treatment practices in place (such as sediment filters to remove calcium and magnesium and prevent hard water from causing build-up) — but these filters don’t eliminate bacteria and other contaminants. When you add a UV sterilizer to the mix, you’re going above and beyond for your guests and showing them that nary a detail is missed. Aqua Ultraviolet can help you transform your 3-star water into 5-star water and attract guests that care about premium cleanliness. That way, everybody can eat, rinse, swim, and drink up without a fret — and isn’t that the point of a hotel? Shop our collection of UV sterilizers today and take your hotel to the next level of cleanliness with Aqua Ultraviolet.

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