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The use of UV Sterilization for water is expanding throughout several industries being that it is the most trusted way to ensure your water is free of spores, pathogens and harmful substances. Aqua UV Sterilizers works best when paired with an Aqua UV Filter to remove larger excess waste.
If this is your first look into the UV World, put on a pair of goggles before glaring directly into the spotlight that is UV!

UV Benefits

UV offers benefits that extend past what regular water purifiers or cleaners allow. The lamps of the UV sterilizer emit Sun-Like rays that damage the DNA of harmful bacteria/viruses without the use of chemicals.  With such disruption, these contaminants are not able to survive or reproduce. With no residual matter, you can feel comfortable attaching a UV to any compatible water source and begin to feel the difference.

Is Aqua UV suitable for your professional field?
The answer is yes!

Ponds: This is a popular one! If you own a pond or work with ponds, setting up a UV Sterilizer will bring life to your backyard ecosystem. Your fish, plants and even the animals that visit will take notice of the clean and clear water, and live a happier life.

Aquariums: Caring for Marine Life is a rewarding hobby. Hobbyists who have an aquarium at home will benefit from using a UV Sterilizer to remove harmful bacteria and pathogens that would otherwise linger and make your fish sick. Our smallest and most economical sterilizer, the Aqua UV Advantage Units, will keep your aquarium water clean and clear!

Pond and Aquaculture Care

Aquaculture: Fish farming is quickly becoming a large force. If you raise many fish using container tanks, then you are familiar with cleaning your water frequently, or have a system that does so. UV lightens the work load and your fish will experience a cleaner environment that you also will take notice to. 

Irrigation: Giving your plants the proper amount of water on a timely schedule is growing basics. UV installation adds extra protection against bacteria, pathogens and other lurking organisms that can harm your plants.

Pools/Water Parks: If you have ever used a community pool or attended a water park, you may have worried if it is clean enough to use. While most pools use Chlorine or Bromine to disinfect any germs or bacteria, a UV addition can put your mind at ease to ensure full disinfection. See our Pool Line of Aqua UV Sterilizers here.

Residential Water Use: Community water is generally okay for everyday use all over the United States, with some exceptions of course. Protecting your house water to ensure you and your family are safe from harmful bacteria that can leach into any city’s drinking water, can pay off when least expected. Set up a UV sterilizer to your home to increase the health of the water you, your family, pets and plants drink.

Aqua UV

Aqua Ultraviolet has been the leader in the Ultraviolet Sterilizer industry for 40 years and promotes clear, pathogen free water within all lines of our product. With Aqua UV, you can keep your mind at ease knowing your water is free of harmful bacteria and viruses’ unseen to the human eye.
Aqua UV devotes their efforts to clean water everywhere. Connect your pond, pool or whole house to an Aqua UV sterilizer today!

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