Water & Your Body

As we know, water is an essential need for all life.
Just as plants need water, your body needs water to grow and not only function, but accomplish activities and thrive in your daily routines. In fact, “the adult human body is 60% water and your blood is 90% water” (Minal, 2020). This makes it very important to keep up with drinking enough water every day to maximize your bodies potential and stay healthy.

Caring about your water intake has several advantages.
Specifically, the benefit’s of drinking water within the health and beauty aspects. Drinking enough water keeps your cells plump giving you a younger look, and allows your skin to stretch (as it should) a little bit instead of feeling tight and dry.

“Heightened elasticity in the skin implies delayed sagging of the skin and no premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles” (Minal, 2020).

Did you know that drinking water maintains a normal body temperature? Allows for longer stamina while exercising and lubricating your joints? If you are more active and work out, you will need more water than the average person. You lose water everyday through exercise, sweat, urine and even breathing, so replenishing is a daily necessity! (Hero Labs, 2019).

Water plays a role in every bodily function. From regulating temperature, moving nutrients and waste throughout the body and even plays a role in healthy reproduction. Drinking enough water allows you be to as active as your human body can endure and will help you maintain healthy bodily systems. 

Did you know that when it is windy outside, your body needs more water than usual? The wind and colder weather dry out your skin quicker.

Dehydration can take a toll on your body when you allow yourself to go without water for long periods at a time. Not to mention, drinking caffeinated drinks and sugary sodas causes further dehydration. Headaches, joint swelling/pain are symptoms of dehydration that we all can easily notice. For the most part, if you feel a little off, your body might need some water.

We all “slip” up on drinking enough water sometimes… So we made a tip list to help your Water intake!
-Grab a water bottle in the morning before you leave the house and if you feel parched, you already have something to drink, actively lowering the chance of stopping at the gas station for a Gatorade to quench that thirst.
-Eat foods that contain a high amount of water like Cucumbers or Zucchini’s.
-Keep a refillable water bottle with you.
-Infuse water with fresh fruits to enhance flavor and encourage a higher intake.
-Instead of grabbing a sugary drink, remember that water gives your body more energy in the long run.
-If you have acne issues, cutting out sugar can dramatically decrease break outs. So, grab a glass of water instead!
-Dieting can be hard, yet studies show that implementing water periodically throughout the day in between meals and snacks can lower the “hunger” strike and keep you feeling full until you are actually hungry.

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