Water Reuse

What is Water Reuse?
Commonly referred to as water recycling, is the process of reclaiming water from several sources such as stormwater, municipal wastewater and agricultural runoff, and treating it to reuse for “beneficial purposes such as agriculture and irrigation, potable water supplies, groundwater replenishment, industrial processes, and environmental restoration” (EPA, 2020).

The National Water Reuse Action Plan is coordinated to support the reuse of water to maximize long-term water sustainability and increase the awareness of the importance of considerate water usage. Public health is the first and foremost concern in all areas, holding the standard to protect water against contaminants like chemicals, pathogens, animal/human waste and more. The plan acknowledges the impact water reuse can have on the environment and the health of surrounding ecosystems, and can use previous knowledge to recognize where challenges exist and why.
WRAP is a promotion of a collaborative leadership between states and the nation as a whole, and commits to communicate and adapt effectively to implement water reuse as it “should be considered as one potential tool in the integrated water resources management framework “toolbox,”” (EPA WRAP DOC, 2020, page 9).

Critical Advancements
WRAP is working with Israel, the Global leader in Water Reuse, to explore the different water reuse technologies, science and policies that are already put in place in Israel.
Supporting the critical regulations, tools and guidance for water reuse and treatment projects including waste water and storm water, to continually “evaluate their flexibility in addressing long-term water demands, including reuse” (EPA WRAP DOC, 2020, page 37).

Why Reuse Water?
Reclaiming water will enhance water security worldwide! In areas where we can maximize water use efficiency, we can direct where water is going as much as possible and enhance the lives of many people and natural ecosystems where water is scarce. This is important because so many areas suffer from potable water scarcity where disease runs its course and death due to ingesting contaminated water is counted in high numbers.

Aqua Ultraviolet advocates for safe water for everyone. Our advanced UV Light technologies ensure your water is clear of pathogens, bacteria and harmful contaminants.
We care about the water you use every day for landscape needs, cleaning, hygiene use and drinking!
Water is our most valuable resource, don’t settle for less than the best for you and your loved ones.

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Sources and Further Readings:
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