Dynamic Room Air Sterilizer

UV is a strong dependable method to eliminate germs, mites, parasites and viruses. At Aqua Ultraviolet, we are well known for our UV sterilizers for water features such as ponds, aquariums, pools and even your whole house water supply!

Aqua Ultraviolet now offers a room air purifier model for floors, air and surfaces within the lights 360-degree reach when it is turned on. This safe and effective air sterilizer eliminates harmful contaminants lurking in your home, office, school, medical institution, or any indoor room really!

The Ultraviolet light is inserted in a quartz sleeve and is attached to a stand that is placed in the room you want to disinfect. Our surface sterilizer model is simple and easy to set up, just plug in and let the lamp power on to safely disinfect selected area. With the remote-controlled timer option, the light will turn on automatically if it senses zero movement with the built-in motion-detection sensor. If the lamp is already on and the sensor detects movement, the lamp will automatically turn off as UV light can cause damage to eyes and skin. After the desired time is reached in the room of your choice, simply unplug the slim and light weight air purifier and move it to the next room and repeat. Our high efficiency, surface sterilizing lamps have a lamp life of 9,000 hours.

Take a look at our Brochure for the Dynamic Room Air Sterilizer to get specific details about the lamp and it’s voltage.

Aqua Ultraviolet is the top manufacturer for UV devices related to health safety for everyone and is working to enhance the lives of others through clean water, air and surfaces. See our high-demand products on our website for water, air and surfaces !

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