A LifeSaving Effort (An Update on Safe Drinking Water for All)

As the top manufacturer of Ultraviolet Light Sterilizing Systems for Water Purification, we stand with others who strive to make the world a better place. This is especially true when it comes to bringing easily accessible drinking water to people suffering from clean water scarcity! One impressionable company by the name of LifeSaver, has gone above and beyond in designing and creating a product that can make this possible around the globe. In fact, one of their original products “is now standard issue for the British military; every soldier in Afghanistan is supplied with one.” (Walters, 2017)

The Success of Bringing Fresh Water to Others
Many accomplishments have come about in the process of providing clean, safe drinking water for all. A couple months ago we spoke about this brilliant bottle that can turn the filthiest of water into pure drinking water. After successful production and positive feedback about Lifesaver water bottles from the public, the Lifesaver company began setting up large rainwater harvesting tank systems, called the M1, that can provide fresh water to a whole community in suffering countries like Haiti and Malaysia.

Lifesaver has installed a somewhat 1,500 M1 units (each of which have the capability to clean 2 million liters of sterile drinking water)

The Jerry Can and M1 units have come into play in a couple different relief efforts in Borneo Eastern Malaysia and The Haiti relief in “Project Blessing”. Both countries had communities full of families that were in desperate need of clean, safe drinking water. In Malaysia, several villages were boiling their water before using or drinking it to remove bacteria and other harmful contaminants. This was the first country LifeSaver extended their outstanding efforts to. In Haiti, the communities that use the River for everyday use were suddenly advised of a Cholera outbreak after many reported illnesses. This creates an even more strenuous water situation because the water is unsafe to use without proper filtration. Jerry Cans were sent to both locations to deliver purified drinking water to hundreds of suffering families and saved the lives of many.

There have been upgraded products to make the retrieval and storing processes of fresh drinking water easier. There is a slightly new version of the water bottle called the LifeSaver Liberty, and the already known Jerry Can, both which are now adaptable to accommodate different situations. Quick and simple add-ons like the Jerry Can Shower Attachment allows the users to spray pressurized water to maximize efficiency. For the Liberty water bottle, you can connect Scavenger Hose which can be plugged into the bottle itself and then the other end submerged into the water source, i.e river, lake, stream. With continuous pumping of the bottom portion of the bottle, clean and pure drinking water will be available from the top! The Bladder Connector will pump your fresh water into a bladder bag for easier storage on the go. You can also pump directly into another bottle and save to stock up on reusable bottles of fresh water. 

These LifeSaving efforts provide the purification of thousands of gallons of water before the filter is blocked and is no longer effective and require replacement before further usage. The handheld water bottles are great for emergency packs as well as adventurous camping and hiking packs.

*Most of us reading this are fortunate enough to have drinkable water straight from the tap. Ultraviolet light will take out the impurities that still remain in the municipal water your home and business is hooked up to. Whether you are looking to disinfect your whole house water supply or need to purify your beautiful pond in the back yard, Aqua UV is the right choice for your water security!*

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