UV for Your Aquaculture Business

Aquaculture is essentially underwater farming, where water is the main factor in growing/raising fish that are sold as goods. Since water is an essential aspect of life for all living things, including fish, having an efficient sterilizer is mandatory in this industry because of the concern for disease within the vessel where fish are kept.

Fighting FINfection
Housing a plethora of fish together can cause stress to the fish, which leads to more waste disposal and bacterial growth. With so many fish developing in close quarters, infection will spread like wildfire. Disease can cause a wave of unhealthy livestock and if you can’t control and rid the fish and stock pen of whichever unfortunate disease has transpired, it may result in the death of your fish.

“Aquaculture UV sterilization systems significantly reduce pathogen counts in incubation and rearing facilities and have proven to be the most cost-effective disinfection technology for the inactivation of many types of bacteria, viruses and parasites harmful to many species of fish.” (Aqua UV)

Aqua Ultraviolet is the top manufacturer for Ultraviolet Light Water Sterilization. These units come equipped with a plastic or stainless steel housing to protect the lamp and it’s quartz sleeve as water passes through, eliminating any waterborne pathogens, bacteria, viruses and other dangerous contaminants that can be harmful to your healthy fish. Even our Large UV Viper Series that are built to handle enormous amounts of water are designed to take up minimal space and make the water purification process easy on you, so you can focus on the healthy growth of your hatchery!

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