Ultraviolet Light and Your Air!

What does Ultraviolet Light do?
Whether you use this method to treat your Whole House Water System or your pool water, ultraviolet treatment of your water supply disrupts the DNA/RNA of single cell bacteria, pathogens, viruses and harmful contaminants lurking in your water, air or on surfaces. This layer of protection does not use any chemicals or leave any residual. Let’s take a look at UV for the sterilization of air, as the effects are eliminating as well!

“There is a long history of investigations concluding that, if used properly, UVGI can be safe and highly effective in disinfecting the air, thereby preventing transmission of a variety of airborne infections” (Reed, 2010)

UV has been used in commercial and residential practices since before you may have realized. Most commonly known for decades to disinfect water and medical tools, UV is now being installed in all government buildings to purify the air through HVAC systems. The use of an air sterilizer in the HVAC system or from a generator will remove mold, spores and air pollutants. Less pollutants mean a decrease in illness and an easier time breathing the air inside. (Levetin, Shaughnessy, Scheir, 2001)

1956-1962 Scientist who went by his last name, Riley, experimented UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) in air ducts of an occupied TB ward with Guinea Pigs. Riley exposed guinea pigs to air that came from an infected TB ward and other guinea pigs with uninfected air. The study results proved that TB is spread through the airborne route after the guinea pigs who were exposed to TB air had tested positive for the disease. After finding TB is susceptible to Ultraviolet light through a series of model room studies, a rise in TB cases in the U.S led to bigger interest in UVGI for air disinfection. (Pubmed, from Reed, 2010)

Aqua Ultraviolet manufactures not only UV sterilizers for water, but also for the air in your home, office or place of business! You can choose from an HVAC sterilizer that is installed in your vent or a small generator that is a simple plug in device, both of which clear the air of pollutants and mold that would otherwise be free floating particles in the air you breathe, stick to your vents and walls, and find their way into your lungs. The use of these will perfect the air you breathe and improve your air quality confidence!

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