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Caring for your pond is a relaxing hobby for many. Pond maintenance is different depending on the season and your location. It is important to know the seasonal weather you will have to endure while caring for your pond. Not only do you take pride in the beauty of the scenery, you provide a home to many happy, healthy fish! Take a picture next time of yourself enjoying the cooled down, peaceful atmosphere on a hot summer day with your kids playing in the lawn… What can be better?

Filtration Station?

Mechanical: This type of filtration is important for the removal of solid waste such as leaves and fish poop.
Biological: This type of filtration uses beneficial bacteria that purify and detoxify the water your fish swim in.

–Lets Talk About Size, Baby–

It is highly recommended that you use a properly sized filter for how much water is in your pond. Please compare your pond size to the provided chart or speak with a technician who can help you size your filter!

Aqua Ultraviolet Offers a Bio-Mechanical filter that protects beneficial bacteria while dislodging unwanted debris!

Do You Use UV for Algae Control? (PondTrade, 2018)

Algae can become a problem if steps are not taken to prevent excessive growth. One big concern for pond lovers are Nitrate levels. During the filtration process, Ammonia converts to Nitrate, which Algae flourish on. When Algae takes over a pond, the oxygen levels can decrease to a dangerous level, depriving your Koi of a basic need for sustaining life, especially in the colder months. 
Click the blue link to learn about how incorporating a UV system after your filter can reduce the amount of Algae growing in your Koi Pond. 
Aqua Ultraviolet cares about your pool and landscaping water needs!

Fall and Winter Maintenance (Brown, 2017)

When the water temperature cools down in the colder months, many people turn down the water flow on the pump. Your fish will cut down on eating when it gets cold enough and some of your aquatic plants may change color and/or lose leaves. Trim or cut back any dying or dead leaves to remove them before they clutter up your beautiful pond over the winter. If weather permits, your pond may freeze and you must ensure a way to supply continued aeration of the water.

Spring and Summer Maintenance (Brown, 2017)

As the water warms up again, it is time to start feeding the fish again. Repot any plants or add new ones as necessary, and pick out any debris that fell into the pond from nearby plants, etc. If the pond walls have too much debris built up, transfer your fish into smaller tanks and thoroughly clean your pond walls and floor, refill your pond to the proper physical and chemical balance. Keep your fish well fed and provide a sufficient amount of oxygen, especially when it is hot!

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