UV For Air Sterilization

UV is commonly known to be used for disinfection of water, surfaces and air. There are different types of UV used for the cleanliness of different natures. For instance, UV air purifiers use UV-C (the type with the strongest energy) light to inactivate the DNA in action to protect your home against airborne pollen, pet odor, mold, viruses and more!

What is Ultraviolet Light?
Scientists have categorized UV light into different types:

  • UV-A light is what we know as “black light” which is commonly used to bring out a fluorescent glowing effect on various objects for art or to expose details in a crime scene. This UV is the least harmful to human skin and eyes.
  • UV-B light causes harm to skin cells resulting in sunburns and in advanced cases, skin cancer with over exposure. “About 95% of all UV-B light is absorbed by the ozone in Earth’s atmosphere” (Stanford, 2015-2020).
  • UV-C light is “extremely harmful and is almost completely absorbed by Earth’s atmosphere” (Stanford, 2015-2020). It is now regularly used as a disinfectant for air, water and surfaces by destroying the DNA of single cell microorganisms (Kerins, 2018).

”…All that extra energy, much more than visible light, can actually change the molecules that absorb it, and DNA is particularly susceptible to these changes.” (Kerins, 2018)


UV light can also be used in combination with Ozone to enhance disinfection. These units should be used in well ventilated rooms and used only for the intended use of air and/or surface sterilization.

Fun Fact: Ozone has a distinct smell (most would describe it as “a metallic smell”) and humans can detect as little as 10 ppm in the air. If you can smell the pre-precipitation of a rolling in rain storm, you may be smelling Ozone in the air as the storm approaches.

Aqua Ultraviolet offers two different Air Sterilizers.

Ozone Air Sterilizer

The first option is the Home Series. With an effortless set up, just plug in and turn on Aqua UV’s Home Series Air Sterilizer, and it begins working immediately to clear the air of airborne pollutants so you and your family can breathe easy.

The other option is the HVAC Air Duct Sterilizer, which gets installed in the heating-air system. After installation, the UV-C rays that emit from the lamp penetrate pathogens and unwanted contaminants in the air which then comes out of your vents. UV disinfection using this method is practiced in high sanitary places such as hospitals to disinfect not only air, but medical tools as well.

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