Illness Prevention

Hand washing is the best prevention of unwanted bacteria and infection from spreading from item to item and person to person (CDC, 2020). Lately, we have been told excessively by health care experts and media to wash our hands frequently for at least 20 seconds to get rid of germs. Here are some tips for proper hand washing:
    1. Use hot and soapy water.
    2.  Don’t forget to wash the back of your hands, wrists, and get under those finger nails! 
    3. Count to 20, or sing The Happy Birthday Song to yourself twice.
    4.  Wash your hands before prepping and cooking foods.
    5. Wash your hands before eating and drinking.
    6. When using a public restroom, use a paper towel to shut off the faucet and open doors.

(HarvardHealth, 2016)

Sanitizing surfaces and things that are used regularly will help minimize the spread of infection when proper hand washing is being practiced.  To keep germs at a minimum inside your home, wash your hands when you get home before you touch or do anything! (CDC, 2019)

Stay away from sick people, and if you are sick, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and cough with your elbow or hand (and wash up afterward) if a disposable tissue is not available. 

Practicing other healthy hygiene habits will give you an extra set of protection. Things like brushing your teeth twice a day and showering daily will enhance your health and your life.

Eating right is another big one. Making sure you eat a balance of protein, dairy, fruit and veggies will boost your immune system and fight off colds/flus efficiently, which is less likely the case if you fill up on junk food.
In addition to eating healthy, staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water is vital to every aspect of our health and bodies. Among other things, water and a healthy diet will ensure your body can move by providing energy to your brain and your joints, cools your body off, and keeps us alert.

“Exercise can help the immune system find and deal with pathogens, and in the long term, regular exercise slows down changes that happen to the immune system with ageing, therefore reducing the risk of infections.” (University of Bath, 2020)

Exercising has several benefits which include help keeping your body healthy. Healthy body, healthy mind. Incorporating some sort of exercise into your week can make a positive impact on all the systems in your body, including your immune system! Eating right and drinking enough water make frequent exercising an easier goal.

Water is an essential part of life. The water you drink from the tap is used for cooking and showering as well! Even though the EPA regulates municipal water systems, does not necessarily mean the water is safe. In fact, the EPA has not set new standards for community tap water systems in almost 20 years.
Take a look at our Life Plus Water Filter System which filters your tap water so your entire family can use softer water with confidence. Our easy to install, three-step system removes impurities from your water in every faucet of your home and has whole house benefits.

Taking care of yourself is an important aspect to staying healthy, and in the big picture, helps do your part in caring for everyone else!

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