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 Best Water for Coffee

Do you use regular tap water to brew your coffee in the morning? Have you tried the filtered water from your fridge? Do you notice a difference? Surprisingly, water plays a crucial role in the taste of your daily coffee. Today we will talk about the best water used for coffee for that perfect cup of joe. Sunday Farmers Market, your favorite time to shop for fresh fruits, veggies and …COFFEE BEANS! As you browse the aisles, you can smell the aroma of coffee. Dreaming of that hazelnut you so desperately need; you approach the coffee stand. After the barista man grinds and packages your coffee beans, you hand over a $20 bill as crisp as the air itself. Finally, your daily pick me up is ready for some home brewing. You fill your French Press with those fresh scented, ground beans and hot water. You try something new, purified bottles of water and are NOT as satisfied as you anticipated. You trash the distasteful pot and use your filtered tap water, with a small amount of minerals; the judgement? Regular tap water is much better for the rich coffee flavor. [Don’t take it from me, take it from chemist Hendon and professional baristas Lesley and Maxcell Colonna-Dashwood who found that different hardness (minerals) in the water bring out different flavors in the coffee.](Mosher, P.1, 2017).

Brewing the perfect morning pick me up is not only about the beans you grind and steep. The hardness of the water plays an important role in the coffee’s ability to blend flavor into the water. (Dorsch, p.1) It might take a few experiments to get it exactly right for your pallet, but your mind & coffee soul will appreciate it!!

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