Pool Water Safety

Let’s jump into it! Owning a pool is fun! Yet maintaining your pool can be difficult to keep up with. Although it may be hard work, it is an important job to keep yourself, your loved ones and the environment healthy. Clean and safe pool water is visually clear and blue and smells of Chlorine. (APEC WATER)

Dirt, sweat, grime, and even feces are introduced into swimming pools every day through swimmers who do not shower before entering the water. Here we will review how these everyday products end up in the water we swim in if we don’t take the proper precautions.

On a sunny Summer day, your 8-year-old has been playing in the front yard, helping you with your plants. After pulling plenty of weeds, she is covered in dirt! Time to clean up! Dad tells her to put her swimsuit on and she jumps into the pool.
What happens to the dirt residue still stuck to her? It is now in the pool!

Your brother gets home from his trip to the mall on a hot day.  Everyone is out by the pool, how fun! He runs up the stairs to change into his swim trunks and joins in the fun. The sweat accumulated by being out and about all day beforehand has just been introduced into the water.

Think about it. You want to enjoy time in the pool on a hot July afternoon. Your sister insists that your nephew is okay to swim too, even though he was experiencing Diarrhea the other day after suffering from the Flu. You spend the day playing Marco Polo and having fun with squirt guns. Next thing you know, you now have Diarrhea and are sick from swimming in the same pool!

Public pools are common places for families to enjoy the hot summer days, and even in your private pool in the backyard, individuals should not swim if they have recently had Diarrhea or have not showered before entry. (CDC, P.1, 2019)

If your pool is not cared for properly, you run the risk of unhealthy pool water, infection and illness.
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