With the worldwide spread and scare of the newly found Coronavirus Disease in humans, COVID-19, items such as toilet paper, disinfecting cleaners, food and water bottles in stores around the United States have been emptied by consumers. Panic buying is creating shortages for people almost everywhere.

“Conventional, centralized water treatment methods that use filtration and disinfection should inactivate the COVID-19 virus. Other human coronaviruses have been shown to be sensitive to chlorination and disinfection with ultraviolet (UV) light.” (WHO. P.1, 2020)

This means that this specific strain of Coronavirus should succumb to Chlorine exposure added into municipal water and UV light treatments.
COVID-19 is not known to be transferred through the use of hot tubs or pools, as there is zero evidence of this. Maintaining your pool and spa with proper operations and disinfection techniques with the correct amount of Chlorine or Bromine will benefit you during this unsure time as it will kill the Virus upon exposure. (CDC, P.1, 2020).

The EPA advises the public that we can and should “use and drink tap water as usual” (EPA, P.1, 2020). If you are concerned with your quality of water or want to take an extra precaution, please look into a simple home tap water filtration device such as a Brita Filter that you refill after use, or a more advanced sterilizer like the Aqua UV Life Plus System. Cutting back on plastic waste is great for our environment and saves you money over time.

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