The Benefits of Building a Pond

Whether you are looking into a man-made or all-natural pond, there are several benefits for everyone to enjoy. We have already discussed how water features can ease the mind and bring down anxiety levels in people, so let’s take a look at other uplifting impressions that come with caring for a Pond. Calm Pond Environment Imagine yourself sitting on a bench next to your pond, listening to the pleasing sounds the trickling of the water composes as the small waterfall flows into the pond. Wasn’t that nice? Natural views are mental cleansers that can be beneficial to meditation. Adding a pond to your property will create white noise to cover otherwise stressful commotion such as traffic and noisy neighbors. Not only will the sound sooth your soul, but you will enjoy the outdoors during those hot summer months instead of inside with the AC cranked up. The water evaporates off the surface of the pond, which lowers heat, and cools the area around it. So, grab that lemonade and kick back! Wild Life Sanctuary A pond can attract a variety of local wildlife by offering shelter, food, water and more. Your watering hole will provide a breeding ground and/or new home for a diverse population. Have you heard the flutter of a dragonfly’s wings before? How about a butterfly’s wings? Birds, amphibians, insects, fish and plants will be seen thriving in your very own backyard! Self-Sustaining Ecosystem Sometimes ponds need an occasional water change or some more water added to it, but ponds “rely mostly on natural sources of water to maintain a healthy ecosystem” (TotalPond, P.1, 2016) such as rainfall.  The sludge that is collected by the pond is a fabulous fertilizer that can feed other landscape areas and plants. The plants give off oxygen that is used by the animals and fish, and the CO2 expelled from the animals and fish is used by the plants. The insects and animals eat those plants and the fish eat those insects and plants also. Fish waste is part of the “sludge” mentioned earlier in the cycle. And so-on the cycle continues. Education Learning about the different plants, insects and animals living in the pond can create environmental awareness for small children and encourage interest in adults and kids of all ages! Being around a pond can also assist in teaching children about responsibility in caring for the environment and helping out with their part in creating a healthier planet. Not only do ponds provide a helping hand to natures friends, they help us understand the delicate wildlife living among us. Take the kids exploring and walk in your park and spot how many animals you see. Now, how many of them can live in a pond environment? To learn more about how to start your own pond or care for an existing one, visit Aqua Ultraviolet today!

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