Why Don’t You Have A Water Sterilizer?

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Your everyday tap water can be harvesting minerals, chemicals, bacteria and other impurities that can alter the smell and taste of the water you use to cook with. Water that many of us drink! Some microscopic contaminants, that can be tested for, such as E. coli and Lead can make you very sick if ingested, for example, within water or food. There are options to choose from whether you are looking for whole house water sterilizer or a Brita pitcher type drinking water filter you continuously refill with tap water when it gets low.

Some Things to Consider

Sediment, Mineral and Lead Removal (Garvin, P.1) Sediment are items such as leaves and debris, particles such as dirt and clay that aren’t usually a health risk but can cause discoloration and a bad taste. Most home water filter systems use paper filters that are replaceable to get rid of sediment. Minerals such as Iron and Calcium in water can create an unpleasant taste and stain dishes. In severe cases, the minerals can build up in your pipes and cause plumbing problems. Lead can easily leach into our water supply through old pipes and can be removed from water with a carbon filter. Chlorine Odor and Taste Elimination (Waterandhealth.org, P.1) Chlorine and Chloramine are the most used major disinfectants to decontaminate water for public use. Treating water with Chlorine is considered one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century as it guards against water borne diseases, such as E. coli, that we can contract through raw water. The EPA monitors the disinfection levels of Chlorine to ensure there are no risks of negative health effects, but a water sterilizer will remove the taste and odor from your tap water. Pesticide Riddance (Hancock, P.1, 2016) Present-day pesticides are used most commonly on lawns, gardens and farmlands which can seep into ground or surface water systems that contribute to municipal water supplies. These chemicals are used to control or kill pests like insects and fungi to protect crops and vegetation.
“Whether these contaminants pose a health risk depends on how toxic the pesticides are, how much is in the water, and how much exposure occurs on a daily basis.” (EPA, P.1, 2017).
Pathogen Destruction Water sterilizers are crucial for destroying bacteria and diseases in water that would otherwise harm our health or cause death in severe cases. An Aqua UV Ultraviolet sterilizer damages the DNA of single cell organisms and pathogens as the water flows through the unit. These types of UV sterilizers will put your mind at ease as you won’t think twice about the purity of your home water. Aqua UV Sterilizers ensure the water you and your loved ones consume is not only clear, but free of pathogens, bacteria and other debris that can be found in your tap. Aqua Ultraviolet cares about your every day potable, pool, and landscaping water needs across all applications!

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What Makes Aqua Ultraviolet different is

  • No Minimum Order Requirements
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  • Small and Large units for Ponds, Pool and Spa use, as well.
  • We offer unparalleled fresh drinking water products.
  • Installation videos and manuals are on our website.
  • Complete UV line, including a compact 400 Watt unit for larger installations.
  • All UV’s have a blue cap that indicates the lamp is operating.
  • Wipers available to keep quartz clean and optimize germicidal effectiveness.
  • We have the longest lamp life on the market, 14 months.

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