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Ponds, natural or man-made, have become an increasingly popular environment for fish farming and raising aquatic life. There are several benefits both to the environment and personal health to having a pond in your back yard. Firstly, ponds “ rely mostly on natural sources of water to maintain a healthy ecosystem” (TotalPond, p.1, 2016) to sustain water levels which provide nutrients for surrounding plants and wildlife, as well as present a home. For humans, a pond can be an escape for relaxation and stimulate a calm, meditating surrounding through auditory and visual appeals. With an Aqua UV Sterilizer, you can maintain the quality of water and life of your pond. 

What does UV do?

UV (ultraviolet) Rays are emitted from the lamp throughout the length of the unit, disrupting the DNA and RNA of free-floating single-cell organisms that pass through. This means any single cell bacteria, pathogens, fish diseases (like Ick) that enter the unit will be “killed off” as UV does not discriminate against what it inactivates. Without the use of chemicals, our UV systems will keep your pond clear and leave no by-product.

Water Feature UV 

Our Frog and Fish UV units provide the similar results as our Classic Units, but offer a water feature of returning the water to your pond in a constant stream for a relaxing view and sound of flowing water. Our Frog and Fish UV systems come in the following wattages:

  • 8 WATT 
  • 15 WATT
  • 25 WATT

Aqua Ultraviolet cares about your Landscaping water needs! You can check out our website here to view the different options 😊 

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