Are there harmful chemicals in your shower water?

Chances are, yes, there is Chlorine in your shower water. Our Municipal water is disinfected using this versatile cleaning agent to ensure water is safe for consumption but has been proven to be hazardous to human health. “Consumption” is not always drinking. You consume water through other ways including eating foods such as fruits and vegetables, or dermal (skin) contact through swimming pools or the bath/shower!

What is so dangerous about Chlorine?

Chlorine is a harsh, yet necessary chemical used to kill contaminants and bacteria in the water to make community water safe for everyday use. How can this be so threatening? During the chlorination process, Chlorine reacts with organic molecules to form Chloroform, a harmful by-product, which has recently been highlighted as an increasing health threat. Overconsumption elevates the risk of cancer, [can] cause problems during pregnancy, and trigger damage to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system (Fry, Tilley, p.1, 2015). Essentially, we are taking a risk with the fact that “chloroform does not have a maximum federal legal limit by which utilities must abide. California has published a health guideline of 1 part per billion in order to keep the risk of cancer as low as possible” (Formuzis, p.1, 2017).

How are we exposed to Chloroform?

While showering in hot water, your pores open up which in turn causes an increased amount of dermal absorption leaving you susceptible to the toxins released in the air. Chemicals, like Chlorine, vaporize much quicker than the shower water creating gases that inhibit a much a higher concentration of chemicals than the water itself (Critical Cactus, p.1, 2015). The by-product, “Chloroform, is only slightly soluble in water and evaporates quickly into the surrounding air, increasing the risk of inhalation exposure” (Fry, Tilley, p.1, 2015) which is the most common route of exposure in this case. As a result of these processes, both of these types of consumptions allow the chemicals to travel straight into our bloodstream and over time can lead to the before-mentioned health problems.

How do I change my Shower water?

Aqua Ultraviolet offers a Life Plus System that hooks up to your main water line directly to your house. With this system, you can get the 3 filters all together or individually that take out odor, taste, minerals and harmful bacteria and pathogens from the tap for your drinking water and shower water. Make the change you want to see in your everyday water!

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