Maintaining a Reef Aquarium

For over 35 years, Aqua Ultraviolet has been providing water, pond, and aquarium solutions by creating and manufacturing the highest technology UV Sterilization & Bio-Mechanical filters units on the market! 

UV Sterilization technology allows your water to be clear and clean of harmful microorganisms by disrupting the DNA or RNA of single-celled organisms. In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the best ways to improving and maintaining a safe and healthy reef environment for your saltwater aquarium!

What it takes to maintain a Reef aquarium

Having a beautiful and successful Reef aquarium takes patience, time, and a lot of planning. Saltwater aquariums can also be quite expensive, which means that working around a set budget will help you out tons when searching for what you may need for your reef aquarium. 

Starting out may oftentimes be overwhelming and confusing, and finding the right information can often lead to a challenge in itself, and the key to maintaining a healthy reef tank is to always maintain a stable environment for the animals in the saltwater tank.

How to maintain a stable environment for a Reef Aquarium

Maintaining a stable environment for Reef Aquariums requires near-perfect water conditions which can be challenging, luckily there are a lot of different equipment units that can assist us with maintaining a stable environment for our saltwater aquariums.

Some of the equipment used in Reef Aquariums includes: 

  • Salt Mix
  • Aquarium Heaters & Controllers
  • Lighting Systems
  • Filters
  • UV Sterilizers
  • & More!

All the essential tools & equipment for maintaining a stable saltwater aquarium can oftentimes be found at your Local Fish Store   as well as online shops like Amazon or other shopping websites. 

UV Sterilization for Reef Aquariums

Since Aqua Ultraviolet specializes in UV Sterilization technology, we can give you some advice as to how Ultraviolet technology works and why it is an essential tool for keeping your aquarium healthy and crystal clear.

UV Sterilizers are a simple solution for controlling free-flowing algae, viruses, bacteria & parasites. When water passes through a UV Sterilizer bulb, the UV kills off any algae or bacteria that passes through it resulting in clear and clean water when the water gets passed back into the tank.

We recommend checking out the Advantage Series UV Sterilizers for smaller reef tanks, and checking out the Classic Series Sterilizer units for a medium to larger saltwater tank.

For more information on which unit may be best fitted for you, you can always visit our website at

Or give us a call at 1 (800) 454-2725 or 1 (951) 296 3480

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