Greenhouse Growing & UV Sterilization

What is Greenhouse growing?

A greenhouse is a structure with transparent material as its walls and roof. Greenhouse growing is primarily used for when plants require regulated climatic conditions in order to be grown. Greenhouses vary in sizes and can range from small shed-like greenhouses to larger commercial buildings.


What are the benefits of Greenhouse growing?

Greenhouse growing has many benefits in comparison to growing outdoors. In a Greenhouse, you can strictly monitor and control the climate that is best needed for your plants. By controlling the climate in your Greenhouse, you eliminate any outside weather conditions, and whether it’s hot outside or freezing cold, you will always get the same consistent results which are ideal for growing any time during any season.


It is also worth noting that just because you can control the climate inside the greenhouse that the plants may not necessarily be protected. Some things to look out for when growing any form of crops are pests and disease. 

Some common pests that are found in Greenhouses can include: 

  • Aphid 
  • Sciaridae 
  • Ephydridae 
  • Gnat 
  • Thrips  
  • Silverleaf whitefly  
  • Prodenia

& More common pests are found commonly in greenhouse growing. Read here for more information.


There are also more diseases that can be spread by water usage that affects the plants, and more importantly what the plant produces that you can end up consuming.


It is important to know what steps to take and how to avoid the spread of organisms & microorganisms in order to maintain a safe greenhouse for growing. The spread of disease can be controlled and eliminated by installing a UV Sterilizer in the water you use. UV Technology allows for up to 99% of bacteria and viruses to be eliminated and gives you one less thing to worry about when treating your Greenhouse. We Recommend trying out the Classic Series UV Sterilizer for maximum UV effectiveness for small to large sized greenhouses.


Interested in finding out which product best fits your needs? Give us a call at (800) 454-2725 or email [email protected] to find get more information on which UV Sterilizer works best for your layout!

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