What is the RUFUS Dog Bowl System?

Live every living creature, every pet and Dogs drink water, whether it is bottled water, or tap water #LifeDependsOnWater and the water your pet drinks from is important too. Regular tap water can contain many harmful chemicals, including fluoride.

Fluoride has recently been labeled as a neurotoxin and has also been linked to bone cancer in dogs through medical research. Aqua UV has been the source for providing clean, chemical-free water for over 30 years. And now your pets are no exception.

Is Fluoride harmful to my dog?

In 2014, the Lancet, a leading medical journal, labeled fluoride a neurotoxin.That means it can be poisonous to your nervous system. If fluoride is harmful to your nervous system, it can’t be good for your dog’s either.And, it’s in almost all municipal water supplies where it’s next to impossible to determine unsafe levels of ingestion.Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Independent studies have shown that many processed dog foods have unsafe levels of fluoride.Fluoride toxicity has also been linked to extremely debilitating conditions in dogs. These ailments can begin with painful joint stiffness, bone weakening, and eventually leading to bone loss.

How do I deal with Fluoride in my Dogs water?

One way to reduce your dog’s exposure to fluoride is to make sure you provide only the purest, cleanest water for their daily hydration. Luckily for you, we have you covered.R.U.F.U.S – Refillable Unlimited Filtered Ultra System, is a self-refilling dog bowl that filters and provides safe drinking water for your dog and for your pets. You can order yours online at www.aquauv.com/rufus/ to visit or find out more information on the RUFUS Bowl. Contact us and get more information: [email protected]

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