What is the Best UV Sterilizer?

With many products on the market for filtering/sterilizing your water, it is easy to get confused and lost when deciding which system is best for you and your needs, and a lot of it is dependent on what type of environment are you using it for.

Are you looking for a UV Sterilizer for your pond? A water filtering system for your aquarium? is it for your Reef tank? There are many different environments that play a role in choosing the best UV Sterilizer and therefore it is very hard to answer the question to “What’s the Best UV Sterilizer out there”. Because there are different uses for different systems, you have to choose what UV Sterilizer is best for the environment you’re choosing for, and today we will help you find out what’s best for you!

What is UV Sterilization?

Before we begin choosing a UV Sterilizer, we must first know what an Ultraviolet Sterilizer is, and what it’s used for. An Ultraviolet Sterilizer (UV Sterilizer) is a type of water treatment recognized by the
Centers For Disease Control (CDC) as a Disinfection type of water filtering, where an Ultraviolet Light passes through water, and Kills and Deactivates harmful microorganisms, like bacteria and viruses. Having a good, reliable UV Sterilization unit allows you to properly filter and clean your water, and having one that works properly on your environment is key to getting the best UV Sterilizer for your needs.

Which one do I need?

Depending on your usage, some people might have a small or large pond, small or large aquariums, etc..
Here are some commonly used UV Sterilizers for each environment

These UV Sterilizers should give you a general idea on what’s best for your needs, however depending on the environment you will be using it for, we have a product for you, and it’s always best to contact our support team and ask what system is best for you!

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