The Key to Growing the best Cannabis plants?

Like all plants and living beings, water is the most essential resource needed in order to provide life and the growth of the plant. Water delivers nutrients throughout the entirety of the plant, and thus without water, cannabis can’t survive. In order to grow the healthiest, and best cannabis possible, it is important to give it the best nutrients and the best type of water possible. Just like with other crops and plants, having a safe, clean source of water often leads to a strong, healthier product, and the same applies to Cannabis plants. Water can contain a large amount of contaminants that can harm the plant, and knowing where and how to get clean water is essential for every grower in order to produce the best Cannabis plants on the market.

Some of the contaminants that can be found in water include:
  • Chemical Contaminants like Chlorine, Fluoride.
  • Physical Contaminants like sediment, rust, sand.
  • Biological Contaminants like Bacteria, Viruses, parasites.
Most water sources will naturally have some amounts of contaminants whether it would be chemical, physical, or biological, therefore it is important to know what contaminants are in the water you use, and knowing how to get rid of those contaminants will result in better, healthier and stronger Cannabis plants.

Know the TDS in your water.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Is the level of quality in your water, the amount of dissolved solids is measured in Parts Per Million (ppm). The maximum ppm concentration for drinking water is set to 500ppm by the EPA, having higher levels of ppm can contain harmful chemicals that can lead to poor development for your Cannabis plants. 

Water Filtration System for your Cannabis

There are a variety of different systems and methods you can use to obtain safe water for your crops. Some of which can be too expensive, or requires extra work for you to get a reliable source of water. For large scale growing, it is recommended to get a good, reliable water filtering system for an unlimited supply of clean and safe water for your Cannabis plants. You can get the best water filtration system for your growing needs at Aqua Ultraviolet, You can simply call to get some information, and ask about what Filtration System best fits your needs.

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