How DO UV Sterilizers Work?

Water obtained from natural or other sources such as rivers, dams, streams, rainwater, and others may often times contain microorganisms and bacteria that can pose risks to your health. In the United States, water treatment facilities use a variety of different methods and techniques to filter and purify your water, one of them being Water Fluoridation which we wrote about in our other blog that you can find here. 

Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection is one water treatment method that is used to remove most microorganism contamination found in water.


What is Ultra Violet (UV) Light?

UV Light is a type of electromagnetic radiation, that is usually responsible for tans and sunburns. UV Light cannot be seen, as it is a bit shorter than visible light, but a bit longer than X-rays, Making it something in between.


How does as a UV Sterilizer disinfect Water?

When water flows through a UV Sterilizer, the water is exposed to UV Light generated by the special lamps in the system. The frequency of the UV Light rays is strong enough to damage the microorganism and stop it from growing.

UV light is effective against all viruses and bacteria, so by using a UV Sterilizer you can rest assured knowing that harmful microorganisms are getting cleared from the water you consume, as well as any of the water is passed through the sterilizer system.


What kind of UV Sterilizer do I need?

There are a variety of different UV Sterilizers that can handle different situations for your needs. Are you looking to filter a pond where your fish swim? Are you looking to sterilize the water from your home? or your pool at home?

Whatever your needs may be, you can find a UV Sterilizer for the right job. You can check out some solutions over at Aqua Ultraviolet or write us an email at [email protected] to get some more information on what UV Sterilizer best fits your needs.

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