How Healthy Water Benefits You

Since water enters the body through our mouths, and our skin absorbs whatever is in the water through our pores, it is important to understand what is in your water, and how it affects you and your health.
Have you ever frozen any water into ice cubes with the water from your faucet and it turns into a cloudy ice cube, instead of it being regular clear water? Water in the United States, and in many other countries, goes through a process of filtration, and purification to make it drinkable for the general public. Water treatment can include adding chemicals into the water such as Fluoride, Chloramine, Chlorine and other organic and inorganic chemicals to disinfect your water and make it drinkable.
Drinkable water, however, does not mean that it is entirely healthy or safe either.

What is Safe? What is Healthy?

Although the water in the U.S goes through a filtration process, it can still be vastly improved. There have been many cases where adding TOO much of a chemical has caused serious health concerns, and as a result, people have suffered illness and in some cases even death due to poor or improper water filtration. It may seem like something that wouldn’t happen with today’s standards, however, there are still cases today where even in more developed countries like the United States, there is still water crisis like the one in Flint, Michigan.

Healthy water should taste Healthy.

Healthy water should look and taste as if it came directly from an untouched, clean and pure water stream with no risk of contamination due to chemicals and other microorganisms. There are various techniques and methods that can be used to improving the quality
of the water around you to make sure that it is always up to the highest quality standard.

Ways to improve your water.

Here are some methods that are commonly used to getting rid of, or filtering some of the contamination that can be found in the water that we come in contact with every day.

Filtration Systems: A physical device where water passes through and removes impurities.
Water Softeners: A device that reduces the hardness of water
Distillation Systems: The process of collecting boiled steam water and condensing it in a separate container.
Disinfection Systems: The process of deactivating or killing microorganisms.

What we Recommend.

We recommend using a System to disinfect your water supply to get the cleanest, safest water in your home or business. Some of the best products to achieve the best disinfection of your water supply are UV Sterilizers.
Here are some that we recommend for you.
– Aqua Ultraviolet – Life Plus System:┬áReduces tastes, odors, and chemicals & Destroys harmful bacteria for your home.
– Aqua Ultraviolet – Pool & Spa Sterilizer: for indoor or outdoor pool & spa
– Aqua Ultraviolet – Classic Series: for Fresh & Saltwater sterilization.
– Aqua Ultraviolet – Advantage Series: for small ponds, aquariums, and water features.

Whatever the use case is for your water purifying needs, you can these and more products at Aqua Ultraviolet by visiting the website for more information.

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