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Water Bowl

Refillable Unlimited Filtered Ultra System

The AquaUV R.U.F.U.S. Water Bowl delivers clean, safe, fluoride-free water in a self-refilling system that ensures your dog stays hydrated with the best quality water.

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- Patent Pending -

Dog's best friend.

You already know that quality water equals quality of life.

Regular tap water contains many harmful chemicals including fluoride. Fluoride was recently labeled a neurotoxin by a leading medical journal and linked to bone cancers in dogs.

Aqua UV has been your best source for clean, chemical-free water for over 30 years. Now we have the best line of protection against tap water contaminants for EVERY family member.

R.U.F.U.S Water Bowl Brochure

is fluoride harming your dog?

In 2014, the Lancet, a leading medical journal, labeled fluoride a neurotoxin.

That means it can be poisonous to your nervous system. Which got us thinking – if fluoride is harmful to your nervous system, it can’t be good for your dog’s either.

And, it’s in almost all municipal water supplies where it’s next to impossible to determine unsafe levels of ingestion.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Independent studies have shown that many processed dog foods have unsafe levels of fluoride.
Fluoride toxicity has also been linked to extremely debilitating conditions in dogs. These ailments can begin with painful joint stiffness, bone weakening, and eventually leading to bone loss.

The worst outcome can result in osteosarcoma – bone cancer.

One way to reduce your dog’s exposure to fluoride is to make sure you provide only the purest, cleanest water for their daily hydration.

Lucky for you, we have you covered.


Did you know leaving your dog’s bowl outside can be an invitation to unwanted guests dipping into your dog’s water supply?

Outdoor critters need water too and they probably see coming across your dog’s water bowl as hitting the hydration lottery.

Although this might not sound like a huge deal, many of these animals carry with them contagious sickness and disease. Some of which can be easily spread to your dog.

The worst of these diseases can even result in death.

So, what can you do to protect your dog and make sure their bowl is safe from uninvited visitors?


Purified Water Bowl

Refillable Unlimited Filtered Ultra System




The bowl refills itself so you can spend more quality time with your pet.


easy installation

Conveniently connects to outdoor water source.


easy cleanING

BPA-free bowl makes it easy to clean for a better drinking experience.



Filter remove taste and odor while, most importantly, ridding water supply of harmful chemicals including fluoride.

R.U.F.U.S. Purified Water Bowl

Refillable Unlimited Filtered Ultra System
$ 99
  • Delivers the absolute best quality water for your pets
  • Effortless installation and easy-to-replace filters (annually)
  • Reclaim quality time with your dog with our self-refilling system

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