Pool Water Sterilization

If you have a pool, you know how difficult it can be to keep it maintained throughout the peak swimming season. Adding chemicals and conducting regular testing are required to ensure that whoever swims in your pool isn’t put at risk of bacteria, but how are chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride negatively counteracting your efforts? Many people are allergic to these chemicals, and too much exposure can be harmful – not to mention that one child who always ends up swallowing a bit of pool water with every dunk! In the past, chlorine was the easiest way to keep your pool clean and sterilize any unwanted bacteria, but thankfully, the times have changed, and there are new solutions available such as Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV pool sterilizer that offer better protection for you, your pool, as well as any guests.

Benefits of Lowering Chemical Usage in Pool Sterilization

Providing and maintaining a safe swimming experience for all is one of the responsibilities of pool ownership, but it can be a daunting task. By lowering the amount of chemicals that go into your pool, you can increase the safety and protection of everyone involved. Specifically, choosing to use a UV pool sterilizer can:

  • Destroy microorganisms. A UV pool sterilizer is more effective at killing microorganisms and can target many that chlorine isn’t capable of sterilizing. This leaves your pool cleaner and safer for everyone using it.

  • Improve air quality. In the case of indoor pools, the use of a UV pool sterilizer helps to provide better indoor air quality. Chlorine leaves behind a strong odor and fumes that can cause conditions such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, and more.

  • Lower chemical use. Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV pool sterilizer kills approximately 75% of the bacteria that chlorine can, meaning that you can use fewer harmful chemicals without compromising the water quality of your pool. This also helps to lower operating costs.

  • Increase the life of pool equipment. Chlorine is tough on nets, vacuums, pumps, pool toys, and other accessories, and can cause them to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. Using a UV sanitizer instead means that your equipment can last longer without damage.

  • Reduce sensitivities. UV pool sanitizer is safer for human contact than chlorine, and won’t bother swimmers the same way in terms of itching, rashes, or other ailments. This makes getting into the water easier and more accessible for more people.

  • Kill contaminants. Bacteria and viruses that thrive in the water can be eliminated by the use of a UV pool sterilizer. While it shouldn’t directly replace chlorine, it provides competitive results and can help you lower the amount of chlorine your pool requires.

How Does It Work?

The use of a powerful ultraviolet lightbulb sanitizes the pool water when it passes through the filter. When this occurs, the molecular bonds that house bacteria, viruses, and more are broken and lose their contaminating power. When ultraviolet light is used in combination with chemicals like chlorine as well as standard pool filters, the result is a cleaner, safer swimming experience free from pathogens and other contaminants. Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV pool sanitizer is the first to receive registration from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and can provide unparalleled peace of mind for your backyard, basement, or other indoor pool.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV Pool Sterilizer?

At Aqua Ultraviolet, we provide high-level advice backed by years of technical experience and innovation to help you make smart decisions about your water quality. We use only the best materials to manufacture our pool products and guarantee that their performance will suit the application. Shop our UV pool sterilization options today and keep your pool sparkling clean.

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