Aqua Ultraviolet – Advantage Series UV Sterilizer

Known in the industry as one of the best UV Sterilizers, the Advantage Series UV Sterilizer is a perfect UV Sterilizer for small to medium tanks of about 85 gallons. Gone are the days of worrying about bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. The Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage Series is a lightweight and rather slim uv sterilizer that fits into tanks easily.


How do UV Sterilizers work?

UV Sterilizers are excellent for preventing the spread of infection among fish, and works by controlling harmful bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms by disrupting and damaging their molecular bonds in their DNA, and stopping it from growing, essentially destroying the microorganism.


Is it harmful for my Aquarium?

Ultraviolet Light helps controlling, and clearing the water for your fish tank, and controls the spread of disease. The Advantage Series UV Sterilizer in itself does not harm the fish, by getting rid of the harmful microorganisms in the water, UV light helps keep the Aquarium safe, clear and clean for your fish.


Where can I buy the Advantage Series UV Sterilizer?

AquaUV works with an array of distributors and retailers around the world to deliver you the best UV Sterilizers on the market, You can purchase an Advantage Series from your local distributor, or you can order from by simply calling 1 (800) 454-2725

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