Food and Family Safety During the Holidays

The holidays are here and at Aqua UV we couldn’t be happier! We’re sharing a few tips on how to keep your food and family safe this holiday season.  It’s very important to make sure you properly clean your hands, workspace, and food before you prepare for your family. Keep reading to find helpful ways to stay safe.

Washing your hands to stop the spread of illness-causing bacteria.

  • Rise hands with cool or warm water and apply soap. We recommend an anti-bacterial soap.
  • Rub hands together for 20 seconds, getting between fingers and nails.
  • Rinse soap from hands and dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

Wash surfaces and utensils after each use.

  • Use paper towels or clean cloths to wipe up kitchen surfaces or spills. Wash cloths often in the hot cycle of your washing machine.
  • Wash cutting boards, dishes, utensils, and counter tops with hot, soapy water after preparing each food item and before you go on to the next item.
  • Even better,  you can use a solution of 1 tablespoon of unscented, liquid chlorine bleach in 1 gallon of water to sanitize washed surfaces and utensils.

Wash fruits and veggies before you cut or peel them.

  • Rinse produce under running water. Don’t use soap, detergent, bleach, or commercial produce washes.
  • Scrub produce, like potatoes or cucumbers firmly with a clean produce brush.
  • Dry with a paper towel or clean cloth towel and you’re done.
  • Bagged produce marked as “pre-washed” is safe to use without washing.

Follow these few simple steps to ensure a fun and safe time with friends and family.

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