Punxsutawney Phil predicted earlier this week that it will be a short winter! As hard as it may be to believe as we dig out from huge winter storms around the country, spring really is around the corner.

To give you some relief from the cold and snow, we will give you some helpful pointers when setting up your Aqua Ultraviolet UV unit for when the snow melts and the temperatures rise.

  • Don’t set up your UV unit until the temperature is consistently above 32 degrees.
  • Make sure your quartz sleeve is clean. A clean quarts sleeve is essential in the UV purification process.
  • Before you insert your quarts sleeve, make sure you change your seals. The seals you need depend on your model. Some of our units use small purple seals, while our bigger units use slightly bigger, black seals.

You can call Aqua Ultraviolet at 800-454-2725 for Human tech suport any time Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30PM PST for help de-winterizing your Aqua UV units!

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