If you live in an area with below freezing temperatures, winterizing your Aqua Ultraviolet Sterilizer is a must. Without winterizing, your internal parts such as the quartz and lamp may fracture. Even the body of the unit is in jeopardy if it is left full of sitting water and freezes.

Winterizing can be done various ways depending primarily on whether water will be flowing to your pond continually in the cold months.

Option 1: If you are going to continually run water through your unit and it will be exposed to freezing temperatures be sure to install Winterizing Caps and take all internal parts inside (Quartz Sleeve, EZ Twist Top, Quartz Cap, Lamps, Rubber Seals, and In-Line Transformers) NEMA boxes may be left outside.

Option 2: If you are not flowing water through your system, use a Winterizing Cap, drain the unit completely and take the internal parts inside. If the unit is not completely drained, the water will expand when it freezes cracking the housing. This is not covered under warranty.

Option 3: If you don’t have a Winterizing Cap and are not going to run water through the system, remove the lamp, disconnect the unions, and take the entire UV unit inside. Store the lamp separately to avoid breakage.

Note: If you have Classic units with multiple lamps you will need the same number of Winterize Caps as you have lamps.

Watch the video below to see how to winterize your Aqua UV sterilizer

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For information on where to purchase our winterizing cap or for technical support on winterizing your unit, call 951-296-3480 or toll free at 800-454-2725.



The soothing sound of flowing, bubbling water is a feature every pond should have. Now with Aqua Ultraviolet’s statuary series, it is easy to add this effect, as well as UV sterilization to any pond. These units can be added to a new or existing pond. Our Statuary Series is just one example of Aqua Ultraviolet innovation; we were the first UV manufacturer to incorporate statuaries into the pond market.



Aqua Ultraviolet’s Statuary UV series is available in two designs, a frog and a leaping koi. With options of 8, 15 or 25 watt these UV units will clarify small ponds from 5 to 3,200 gallons. As the pond water is pumped through the Statuary, the UV rays zap single celled organisms, including algae, returning clear healthy water to the pond. The Fish and Frog UV’s can be easily added to your pond at any time by attaching them to a submersible pump.


Many ponds suffer from depleted oxygen levels. In ponds with low oxygen levels, fish will stay just below the surface, where the most oxygen is present. Aqua UV Statuary can help.  As the water cascades from the Statuary to your pond it is oxygenated continually refreshing the pond, keeping your fish happy and stress free. By reducing the stress levels of the fish and sterilizing the pond water, your fish’s immune systems with get a boost, leading to a healthier, longer life.


Aqua UV’s pond spitter Statuary Series has been well received among our customers. The UV Statuary Series has easy to install components and an attractive look, making it the top choice among pond hobbyists looking for the easiest way to add a UV sterilizer to their pond care arsenal. Below is a link to a site which reviews pond products; the Statuary Series received a five star rating from pond owners and installers!


Read Reviews Here!


As always, our products are backed by our “Clear Water Guarantee.” Your pond will be clear, beautiful, and healthy! For tech support, or to find a dealer near you, call 800-454-2725!




One technology many pool owners may not know about for pool maintenance is Ultraviolet sterilization. UV light is a powerful tool in the fight against algae, germs, and bacteria, and can be used in conjunction with a sand filter to keep your pool water healthy and sparkling!

After installing a UV sterilizer for your pool, the cost of pool upkeep will go down. Pool owners will see up to a 75% reduction in chemical use. Another bonus of reduced chlorine in your pool water will be the diminished impact of chlorine on your pool equipment. Pool liner fading is a major problem associated with chlorine disinfection. UV sterilizers also allow the small amounts of chlorine needed for the residual treatments to remain “free chlorine,” meaning the chlorine is able to sterilizer longer. Aside from the financial gains of reducing chlorine, pool owners will see a dramatic reduction in disinfection byproducts (DBPs) in their pool water, which have been linked to breathing, eye, and skill irritation and even cancer.

Disinfection byproducts (DBP’s) are compounds which form when chlorine mixes with organic material, such as sunscreen, deodorant, sweat, urine common in swimming pools. DBPs are harmful to humans and can cause cancer, asthma, and other physical problems. The risks associated with DBPs can be substantially reduced with a UV sterilizer.

Aqua Ultraviolet swimming pool sterilizers

UV sterilization also has an advantage over chlorine when dealing with water transmitted sickness. Cryptosporidium and Giardia are two protozoa which are not uncommon to find in pool water. Both Cryptosporidium and Giardia are harmful to humans and can be lethal in cases that go untreated. Cryptosporidium and Giardia have built up a resistance to Chlorine, and may only be removed with ultraviolet light, or ozone. When the water containing Cryptosporidium and Giardia pass through an Aqua Ultraviolet unit, the UV-C light alters the DNA of the protozoa, effectively neutralizing it.

Hot tubs and spas can also be made safer using UV technology. When many liquid chemicals are heated, they turn to vapor. As seen in an earlier post on taking showers in unfiltered tap water, chemicals inhaled as vapor are much more harmful to one’s health than if the pool water or shower water is ingested. Hot tubs can be easily fitted with a UV sterilizer to provide the same protection against algae, bacteria, and pathogens reducing chemical use by b75% and their associated risks.

Aqua Ultraviolet manufactures the UV that will suit your needs for pool sterilization. Our UV units can replace most of a pool’s chlorine use limiting the amount of chemicals pool owners immerse themselves in when they take a dip. UV units are easy to manage, simply change the bulb and quartz sleeve once a year, and take the necessary precautions during winter to ensure the cold does not harm your unit. Aqua UV’s pool units are durable, and are available in either plastic or stainless steel. For large pools over 50,000 gallons, our Viper UV is built to sterilize 95 gallons of water per minute.

Please visit http://www.aquaultraviolet.com/industries/swimmingpools to view current models made for pool sterilization.

For more information, email Sales@aquauv.com or call 800-454-2725. We can help you through the process of installing a new UV system on your pool or spa. Our tech support is available Monday through Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM.


Often we take the free flowing water that comes through our pipes for granted.  We forget that the water we drink and bathe in has been drawn from a pond or reservoir, pumped out of the ground or holding tank.

Many homeowners use wells which pump out groundwater. Often homes with well water lack adequate safety measures when dealing with sterilization. Ingesting water which has not been sterilized is a risk people no longer have to take.

Some of the most common problems with well water are turbidity and mineral content, as well as a potential bacterial presence in the water such as fecal coliform or E. Coli. These particles and organisms occur naturally in groundwater, can be eradicated without difficulty. The Life Plus System helps homeowners who want to be certain about the safety of their well water.

Municipal drinking water has its own set of problems including, aging pipe systems and added chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. Repeated breathing and ingesting of these chemicals has been linked with everything from lung damage to bone loss. The Life Plus 3-Stage system filters these out returning water to a natural health promoting state.

Iron and other minerals can enter your home through the plumbing. Minerals like calcium, which are in the groundwater, can leave scale, and damage pipes and fixtures. Iron that has been dissolved into the water can cause fixtures and pipes to stain and even rust! Life Plus’s carbon filter eliminates these mineral problems.

Life Plus is a Point of Entry system, which means all water coming into your home passes through our filtration and UV sterilization before reaching you and your family. The Life Plus System is manufactured in the United States of America using the highest quality components to ensure performance and ease of use. The System also has two filter chambers that strain chemicals, prescription medicines and other free floating particles in your water before they enter your home. Now you can prepare food, drink, and shower confidently knowing your water is free of bacteria, chemicals, and minerals that can harm your family and your home.



Life Plus 3-Stage System


For more information, email Sales@aquauv.com or call 800-454-2725.

Jones, Phil. “Point-of-Entry Systems: Examining Water Treatment Options.” Water Conditioning & Purification Apr. 2011: 44-46. Web. 22 Apr 2011. <http://www.wcponline.com/pdf/1104Jones.pdf>.


One of the biggest questions from pond owners we get at Aqua UV is, “how many more hours a week will it take me to maintain my pond with this added equipment.” Aqua Ultraviolet’s equipment is as user friendly as possible, and is made out of durable material to resist breaking down under the stress of day to day use.

An Aqua UV Unit plumbed in-line will rid a pond of green water in 3-5 days, sometimes overnight and keep it clear. The only regular maintenance needed is a simple lamp replacement after 14 months of continuous use.

The Ultima II Bio-Mechanical Filter does the work of two filters nitrifying ammonia from fish waste and trapping solids. Our Ultima filter is a great example of how little maintenance Aqua Ultraviolet products need. Backwashing with an Ultima filter only takes five minutes! An added plus of using an Ultima Filter is our media. Our special, patented media does not need to be scrubbed like filter pads, and never needs to be replaced.

Aqua Ultraviolet’s Sunami Pump is another example our product’s easy maintenance features. The Sunami Pump housing offers tool free access to internal components.  If you incorporate a Sunami Pump into your design,and decide  to grow your pond in the future, keep the housing and just change the motor! Sunami owners can keep their plumbing intact while upgrading their Sunami with a new motor.

At Aqua Ultraviolet, we know pond owners install ponds to create a serene and stress-free environment. Spend more time enjoying your pond, and less time adding chemicals to the water and scrubbing filter pads. We don’t want to contribute to your headache with hours of equipment maintenance. Aqua Ultraviolet has excellent customer service and tech support. Call us M-F 8AM to 4:30 PM with questions easy and hard; we will be happy to answer them.

Aqua Ultraviolet….Clear, Healthy Water….Guaranteed!


Home owners who have purchased a house with an existing pond or water feature may not be familiar with the Aqua UV equipment they have inherited from the previous owner. Without the original box or manual, it can be difficult to tell the difference items.

If you need a manual http://www.aquaultraviolet.com/support/manuals

To identify products


At Aqua Ultraviolet, we make it easy to identify which product you own with a special page on our website dedicated to unit identification.


As always, Aqua Ultraviolet prides itself on excellent customer service and outstanding technical support. If you are having trouble identifying which unit you own, feel free to call us at 800-454-2725 and ask for technical support, we will be happy to help you!

Aqua Ultraviolet, Clear, Healthy Water…Guaranteed!


Pond owners can now use Aqua Ultraviolet products for the most critical pieces of their pond equipment! Aqua UV has brought the Sunami Pump back to our product line. Owners have the convenience of using Aqua UV products for their bio-mechanical filter, pump, and UV sterilizer, keeping their ponds safe for fish, as well as keeping their water clean and clear.


Algae’s peak growing season is during the summer, when the most sunlight is available. The UV light alters the DNA of organisms, leaving them unable to reproduce. A newly installed Aqua UV sterilizer will clear algae levels in 3-5 days, sometimes overnight.

Even small backyard ponds are ecosystems. To mimic nature, and to keep your fish healthy, use an Ultima Bio-Mechanical filer. The Ultima provides both mechanical and biological filtration for your pond. The Ultima traps excess fish food and waste, while beneficial bacteria living on the filter media convert deadly ammonia into harmless nitrates.


The Sunami Pump is the heart of your pond circulating the water through the pond’s plumbing. As with all of our products, Sunami is a high performance, low maintenance piece of equipment. Another benefit of the Sunami Pump is how quite it is; you will now enjoy the relaxing sound of the water, not the sound of the pump.

If you are building a new pond or updating a previously installed pond, choose the industry leader, Aqua Ultraviolet. For reliable, high quality, easy to maintain products made in the USA go to http://www.aquaultraviolet.com and find a dealer near you. For sizing information and product information, call 800-454-2725 or visit us at http://www.aquaultraviolet.com !


Known in the industry as the easiest filter to maintain the Ultima II Filters take just 5 minutes a week to backwash. Gone are the days of dismantling your filter and scrubbing pads. The Ultima II bio-mechanical filters trap and convert fish waste, ammonia, into a substance that is harmless to fish called nitrates. Nitrates can then be used by the plants in the pond.

Your fish will not live if ammonia is left untreated. The ammonia in the water will burn their gills and will eventually cause such severe damage that the fish will die. The Ultima II bio-mechanical filter creates an ecosystem for your pond, replicating the natural, beneficial bacteria found in ponds and lakes, ensuring a healthy environment for your fish.

The key to our Ultima II is our patented media which is exclusive to Aqua Ultraviolet. The Aqua Ultraviolet media traps solid waste while also providing a protected growth surface for beneficial bacteria. This biofilm is what converts the dangerous ammonia to harmless compounds. Because of our innovative design, the filter media has the most biofilm surface area of any in the industry.

One square foot of the Aqua UV filter media has 800 cubic feet of surface area! This media never needs to be replaced and requires no maintenance, just backwash weekly.

Our filters are sturdy, durable units made from heavy-duty material. The Ultima can even be buried up to the valve assembly for concealment if desired. Aqua Ultraviolet is the known as the industry standard for dependable pond products. Let us complete the ecosystem in your backyard, and give your fish the healthy natural environment that they are meant to be in!

As always, call any time Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM for technical support, questions, or sales. Our phones are actually answered and your call will be directed professionally.


Paul Curtis writes in Pond Trade Magazine about how your koi and other pond fish emerge from a cold, slow winter and some of the threats that are faced as your pond transitions from winter to spring in an article called “When the Ice Melts and the Water Warms!”

Mr. Curtis offers helpful tips and insights into how to help preserve your pond population and give your fish a fighting chance against the stressors that develop after a long winter under the ice.

….all of those pathogens that are ever present in ponds come out of hibernation and start looking to cause trouble. In summer, when all is in balance, there is usually little problem with the nasties that live with our fish. Unstressed fish can fight off infection and generally stay healthy. But in the spring, with all of this stress, infections can and will occur.


UV Sterilizers incorporated into your pond setup will control bacteria and other pathogens that are harmful to your fish reducing the stress on their fragile immune systems. Aqua UVwill help keep your water looking clear and beautiful in the early spring stages when ponds are prone to algae blooms with the increase in sunlight, and the rise in water temperature. Aqua Ultraviolet makes a UV sterilizer for your pond needs, no matter the size. With our Clear Water Guarantee, you can feel good about your purchase, knowing Aqua Ultraviolet UV sterilizers will work for your pond!

“I do like to point out that a functioning biofilter is so much more than just the nitrification process. There is a whole ecosystem in there that we will probably never understand and no two are alike.”


Aqua Ultraviolet’s Ultima biofilter is also a key component to a healthy functioning pond. Our media is pre-seeded with bacteria and never needs to be replaced. Our media also has the most surface area in the industry to cultivate beneficial bacteria.

For questions, or for our sales department, call 800-454-2725 any time, Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm PST. Get the help you need, every time!


The Gatehouse News Service recently authored an article on the problems associated with bottled water, and the advantages of drinking filtered tap water as an alternative to bottled water. The article, which highlights a study by the Environmental Working Group, states some of the common fallacies associated with bottled water. The article also touches on subjects such as inconclusive and unstated water sources, as well as weak federal standards on bottled water quality. Here is a quote from the article.

If you’re reaching for bottled water thinking it’s cleaner or healthier than tap water, think again. A 2011 bottled water study from the Environmental Working Group says to drink filtered tap water, instead. http://www.steubencourier.com/lifestyle/x1055393284/Health-Watch-Filtered-tap-vs-bottled-water

Aqua Ultraviolet’s Life Plus System is a water purification system for your home. The Life Plus System treats all of your water when it enters your home, providing clean healthy water throughout your home. The Life Plus System is comprised of two filters and a UV sterilizer. The sediment filter removes solids like rust and dirt, the carbon filter eliminates unwanted chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, along with tastes and odors. The UV sterilizer destroys single celled organisms like bacteria and viruses.


The Life Plus system is an affordable, high quality residential water purification system.

 For more information, please visit http://www.aquaultraviolet.com or call 800-454-2725.